Agreement To Do Impossible Act Example

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The courts explain the frustration of the contract on the basis of the subsequent impossibility when they find that the entire purpose or basis of the agreement was foiled by a burglary or incident or a change in circumstances that goes beyond what the parties attempted to do at the time of the agreement. Changing circumstances make it impossible to enforce this treaty and, as they have not promised to exercise their power, they are exempt from further enforcement. The doctrine of frustration is contained in Section 56 of the Indian Contract Act. The doctrine of frustration comes into play when a contract becomes impossible after it is made because of circumstances that are beyond the control of the parties, this is a particular case of contract performance. The contract is at the end and the future performance is excused on both sides if it destroys the adventure until it is unrecognizable or flooded with existence. The frustration of teaching the contract can be seen when the following conditions are met; An agreement to do an impossible act in itself is a null and void. A contract of an act that becomes impossible after the conclusion of the contract or which, because of an event that the promisor could not prevent, becomes illegal if the act becomes impossible or illegal.1 Replace the losses resulting from an act known as impossible or unlawful: if a person has committed to be something he knew or, with due diligence, could have been aware , and that the promise giver did not know that it was impossible or illegal, that promiseor must pay compensation for such a loss that such a promise would suffer as a result of non-compliance with the undertaking. If a party proves that the non-performance was caused by an obstacle beyond its control and that it would not reasonably have been provided for by the party at the time of the agreement, and that it could not have avoided or overcome its effects, it is excused by the non-performance. If the obstacle is temporary, the excuse is maintained for an appropriate period during which the performance of the contract is compromised.

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