Ally Bank Account Agreement

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Interest rates on interest expense. Interest rates are paid on a daily basis. Interest is due to you every day. We will incorporate the fees into the opening debit balance the next day and calculate the interest accordingly. The interest rates described above do not reflect the compensation of unpaid interest expenses; The effective interest rate that will come into effect will be higher. As a general directive and if this is feasible, we can issue (but no obligation) a margin call if the equity of your margina and short account falls below a predetermined percentage of the market value of risk assets (i.e. the sum of the market values of long and short-investment security positions) in your margina and short account. The amount of additional guarantees we need is usually enough to increase your capital to minimum standards. For information on current capital requirements, please contact your broker. We reserve the right to calculate interest on debit credits on the cash account. We periodically send you a full statement showing your account activity, including interest expense, interest rates and adjusted daily balances. If you buy securities, you can pay all the securities or you can borrow part of the purchase price from your brokerage company.

If you decide to borrow money from your business, you will open a margin account with the company. Acquired securities are the company`s guarantees for the loan to you. If the securities in your account lose value, as does the value of the collateral that supports your loan, and as a result, the entity can take action, z.B. issue a margin call and/or sell securities in your account in order to retain the required equity in the account. We can make a “Margin Call” call (i.e. a notification for the deposit of additional guarantees) if your account capital is covered by the margin maintenance requirement. This can be done for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons are the loss of value of long-term securities held as collateral or an increase in the value of the courts.

Please download the following document for an important statement of information on margin and full margin agreement: MARGIN ACCOUNT AGREEMENT AND DISCLOSURE Interest Charges. We calculate daily interest on the balance we are with. Daily interest expense is calculated by multiplying your “daily adjusted interest balance” by the “daily interest rate.” Typically, your reduced-rate credit balance is the balanced real balance of your short-term margin and account, plus the value of short-term securities and decreased the amount of credit offset in your cash account. We reserve absolute discretion to determine if, when and in what amounts we need additional guarantees. In some situations, we may think it is necessary to require higher capital on your account. For example, we may require additional guarantees if an account contains: the applicable margin interest rate is the base rate for all daily adjusted sollus balances. Your margin rate is adjusted automatically and without notice to reflect a change in the base interest rate. If your interest rate rises for any reason other than a change in the base rate, we will notify you in writing at least 30 days before this change. We charge your adjusted balance every day by adjusting your previous day`s balance by debits and credits to your account and changing the value of short positions. If your daily adjusted repayment balance is reduced because you deposit a cheque or other item that will be returned to us later without pay, we can adjust your account to reflect the interest charges you incurred.

We make this document available to you to provide you with some basic facts about buying securities on the margins and to inform you of the risks associated with trading securities on a margin account.

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