Celebrity Personal Appearance Agreement

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The SPONSOR has the right to use the name and image of TALENT in the context of the show. Like the independent contractor clause, the indemnification clause states that you do not sue celebrities for bodily injury (either your or one of the guests) or for damages (if the event guests decompos the venue). More than anything, these clauses exist to protect celebrity. This document is 32 pages long and this presentation agreement allows you to choose certain clauses according to your circumstances. This presentation agreement also identifies key areas that require more information from you to better tailor the document to your situation. This checklist is made available to inform you of this document and help you establish it. This agreement sets out the details for personal performances at each event you have. This ranges from community events to business events, from big to much smaller events. Having an agreement signed in hand saves all parties a lot of struggles. This personal appearance agreement is usually established without a specific connection to a particular sector or type of event, although it can be easily adapted to a certain personal aspect. The agreement provides for variables and defines certain specific obligations of the parties.

As you`ve probably noticed, much of the boilerplate language in the contract promotes celebrity. The reason for this is simple: the boilerplate language has been inserted by the celebrity`s agent or legal team, and they will be more interested in protecting their client than protecting you. For the same reason, there is a boilerplate language that protects the promoter and not the people, since it was normally created by the promoter`s legal team. These contracts are used less, as the people`s agent prefers to use his standard contract. As with any boilerplate language in a contract, it is possible to negotiate this point, but it would normally mean that the celebrity would receive a percentage of the money you would earn by selling the recording of your appearance (and would still need their consent before publishing the recording). So if you book a celebrity for an event and their agent sends you a contract that seems unfair, try not to worry too much – the agent expects you to want to make some changes, so feel free to propose changes that will make the deal more balanced. For the same reason, the conflict of laws clause essentially means that if something is not enforceable by law in the treaty (regardless of the city, state or country where the clause is indicated), neither you nor the celebrity are supposed to be breaking the law to fulfill the contractual conditions. For example, if the celebrity has a large community of teen fans and wants you to serve alcohol to people under the age of 21 (their fans) at the event, you don`t have to…

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