Civil Aviation Agreement Act 1952

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Assad Kotaite, President of the ICAO Council, stressed the importance of ICAO`s Strategic Action Plan and stressed that in the field of civil aviation, globalization, the commercialization of public service providers, the liberalization of economic regulations, increasing environmental control and the emergence of new technologies have a considerable impact on safety. Mr. Kotaite also stressed that effectively addressing these problems requires an unprecedented level of cooperation among countries and an appropriate level of coordination at the global level that extends beyond borders. (14) The Chairperson referred to in clauses 7, 8 and 9 of this Agreement shall be an independent person appointed by an agreement between the Commission and the Company, or, in the event of delay, the Agreement shall be a retired judge of the High Court of Australia or of the Supreme Court of a State appointed by the Minister. (16) This Agreement remains in force fifteen (15) years after its entry into force. Whereas the Australian National Airlines Commission, established under the Australian National Airlines Act 1945-1947 of the Commonwealth (referred to as “the Commission”) and the company is the principal operator of air services in Australia for the carriage of passengers and cargo: 11.- (1.) The company undertakes that, during the continuation of this agreement, the parties have signed this agreement on the day and year in which they were first written….

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