Community Well Agreement

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• Prohibit any user from locating or relocating a septic system 50 feet from the common well It is also important to note that in the case of a common well, credit institutions may need a registered well agreement as a financing condition. If the issue has not been addressed properly in advance, it can sometimes be an unpleasant surprise for buyers who have signed an offer to purchase and are now trying to secure or enter into their “pre-approved” financing agreements. In fact, if your mortgage is insured (for example by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation or elsewhere) if there is a common well, there is usually a requirement to have a registered agreement regarding the well agreement. It can also pose serious problems when concluding an otherwise relatively simple purchase/sale and jeopardize the entire deal. Outside of the firms established in the city of Winnipeg, we are the largest law firm in southeastern Manitoba. It`s possible. It becomes difficult to use the system, and it is always better to have two separate wells. In some cases where space is limited and 2 wells cannot be installed, 2 pumps could be used. I still prefer a 3-inch series pump to reduce service difficulties in the future. Finally, check and document the current drilling capacity.

Ask your water fountain professional to perform a pump/flow test. According to the guidelines of the federal mortgage insurance, common wells must meet minimum flow standards. Get a good test for lead, nitrates, nitrites and bacteria. This water quality test is also required under federal mortgage insurance guidelines. My husband and I want to buy a rural property and we found out there was a common well we don`t know anything about…

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