Farm Lease Agreements

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MSU Extension offers a land rental calculator to help producers compare the impact of land rents with their farm`s net income. By entering the estimated revenues and expenses, a producer can determine whether the rent of the land paid is appropriate or whether a discussion, or even a possible renegotiation of the lease, should take place. This tool is available on the MSU Extension Farm Management website. See AgDM C2-06, Farmland Lease Annual Report Form, for an example of information that could be exchanged between tenants and landowners in farmland leasing contracts. You can find information about average rental prices in your county in the report below, based on USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service survey data for Michigan counties. For a copy of this entire series in Factsheet format, please visit the following web address. Under a lease, farm program benefits are generally paid to the operator because this is the person who bears the risk. In the case of flexible leasing, the payment of the raw materials program may be included in the gross revenue used to determine the annual lease rate. As part of the harvest share, owners and tenants generally share the benefits of the program in the same proportion as the harvest. If there are costs associated with participating in the program, landlords and tenants should carefully analyze the potential benefits for each party. Government program decisions can influence the rental value of a farm for several years.

Form UCC1 must be submitted to the Iowa Secretary of State Office within 20 days of the lease coming into effect in order to perfect the lessor`s deposit right. There are some key areas in the development of an agricultural lease that should be looked at very carefully by both parties. The answers to these questions depend on the intention of the parties in the leasing agreement and the negotiating position of each. Most of Iowa`s plant growers participate in some of the raw material programs offered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. They are generally designed to reduce the price or production risk of field cereal crops. New agricultural legislation is passed every two years, obliging landowners and tenants to make decisions about participation in the program. Custom Farming Contract The benefits of a customer farm contract are as follows: Several federal and state laws influence the lease terms.

Such legal considerations promote efficient operations, ensure that leasing provisions are implemented as intended, and protect the interests of each party. It is important to seek professional legal assistance for legal advice and reflections. More than half of Iowa`s arable land is leased to tenants. In parts of central and northern Iowa, half to two-thirds of the country is operated by tenants. On the other hand, in southern central and southeastern Iowa, less than half of the country is operated by a tenant. For more details on legal issues affecting farm leases in Iowa, please visit the website of the Center for Ag Law and Taxation, Iowa Farm Leases: A Legal Review. The fixed benefits of a fixed cash flow are: Some agreements pay the Custom Operator a bonus for the fulfillment of certain planting dates or yield targets….

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