Siasu Agreement

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EESU Secretary General Regi Wong added: “The agreement took into account the interests of workers and those of society. It essentially converts some of our core wages from solid to variable. If the company breaks even, all the reductions will be restored, and if not, we will give up the variable part, and everyone will have to work even harder the following year. SIASU Secretary General Mohamed Hussain bin Kassim welcomed the agreement. “We are very pleased that management has responded to some of our concerns and listened to our proposals. We hope to move forward. I would like to thank the ntUC and the ASA leadership for expediting the negotiations and helping us to carry them out. Singapore Airlines (SIA) and three unions representing their Singapore-based staff have agreed on wage restructuring measures. This agreement was reached following positive negotiations between the management of the AIS and the Airline Executive Union (AESU), Singapore Airlines Staff Union (SIASU) and SATS Workers` Union (SATSWU).

It dates back to July 1, 2003. As part of the agreement, the company will introduce an 11 per cent pay cut for administrative staff. A 7.5% pay cut applies to general agents who earn a base salary of more than $1,500 per month. General employees earning a base salary of $1,500 per month or less will receive a 5% discount. In order to put an end to the reduction in wages, a flat-rate compensation scheme based on consolidated after-tax profit and minority holdings is also implemented as part of the agreement from the year beginning April 1, 2003. This restores up to 115% of the cut based on profits. “With this disagreement and the lack of company information, Alpa-S arranged for an audience with MOM in the coming days. Alpa-S has pledged that after the goodwill we have made available to the company from the beginning, no further salary reductions will be accepted,” she wrote. ASA Senior Vice-President Loh Meng See thanked the unions for their understanding during the negotiations.

“We have reached a strong agreement that will help AIS reduce staff costs and increase its competitiveness in a rapidly changing industry. The decisions we have taken have not been easy and I thank the unions for their support,” he said. The collective agreement was concluded today during discussions.——- The spokesperson added: “The details of these discussions remain confidential until there is an agreement. (3) Staff members who reached 62 years of age before 1 January 2013 are subject to all clauses of this agreement, with the exception of the corresponding/grade/title position and the salary of those re-employees: the company has not been able to provide additional information or explain how this surplus would be managed, Alpa-S wrote. Offer ground employment to the contract crew after the contract is concluded. Alpa-S had proposed at the meeting to maintain compulsory non-paying leave in order to avoid the situation of overstaffing. If is paid to reintegrated staff on the anniversary date of the contract, which are paid to staff of the same rank at the last SI date. For the agents, whose entitlement to annual leave is more than 20 days per calendar year on the date of retirement, their annual leave in the event of re-employment is 2 days less than their right to retire (a) 1 year, renewable for two additional years, subject to compliance with the eligibility criteria b) one-month delay for early termination of the contract The need to re-examine the procedure of bringing cabin staff to Cpitock when a pilot is on a toilet break.

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