The Four Agreements Listen

By 13 April 2021 Uncategorized

If you can keep an open mind and let go of all the hooks you know and hear the story, you might have the power to finally get freedom in your life. And true freedom, freedom, which brings a chance for eternal happiness. It has however a price, and it comes with work: forgiveness, letting go of the past, getting rid of our sacrifice and anger, and being ready to live in the present. But from the modest point of view of this little person, it`s so worth it. Moreover, Peter Coyote has one of the best reading voices of all time, and he reads this book as if he were speaking in my soul. I was looking for a book that could open my mind to new thoughts and perspectives after reading Dan Millman`s amazing The Way of The Peaceful Warrior. It is sad to say that there are very few books that can really change your life, despite the bold assertions of many, but this path and the path of the peaceful warrior (at least for me) mentioned above has really contributed to a remarkable change in my life. If they find out that you spend your days thinking, “It has to be more to live than that, then you`re right!” And these two books could help you see this opportunity. I would recommend this book to anyone involved in depression, trust or dissatisfaction in life. I often listen to this book. The lessons, even if they are simple in concept, are profound. Enjoy x This is one of the few books that has pushed me to revalue some of my beliefs. I`m not a changed man after hearing 1, but the ideas and advice in this book really met at home for me.

If you enjoyed “The Power of Now” by Ekhart Tolle, you probably won`t be disappointed here. Don Miguel Ruiz has led his audience on the right path to freedom. That`s what he`s been doing for two decades. In addition, the book starts slow and budding listeners are advised not to be judged at first. It`s just that it sounds a little too new with all the spirituality he`s talking about. However, the author makes things so special later that you will hear this amazing book until the end. The four chords are provided in an easily understandable way and apply to everyday life. The concept of living in a dream is also easy to assimilate.

The only agony I had was with the last 11 minutes, where he gives a prayer “Christan” that sounds in total contradiction with the wisdom of Toltec given in the rest of the book. This end made me doubt the credibility of the authors. I recommend to listen until prayer, then stop and you will be satisfied with the wisdom of the Toltec tradition. People will come and tell you their personal story, their point of view, what they think is the truth. But you won`t judge whether it`s the truth or if it`s not the truth. You have no judgment, but you have respect. We hear the way other people express themselves, knowing that everything they say is nothing but a story distorted by their faith. You know it because you feel it. You know that, that`s all. But you also know when their words come from the truth, and you know it without words, and that is the main point. The rather religious attitude at the beginning of the book discouraged me at first. I decided to stick to it and keep listening.

I was rewarded when the book outlined some useful principles:1. Be immaculate with your words.2. Don`t take anything personally.3. Don`t make assumptions.4. Always do your best. Easy, not always easy to practice, but swing with me! Truth or fiction, you don`t need to believe the story. You don`t need to agree or contradict. Listen to me. The more flawless a person is with speech, the clearer the message will be, but the words that come from another artist have nothing to do with you.

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