Rhinoplasty & Facial Plastic Surgery

In order to deal with any nose problem or even have the nose of your dreams proceeding to a rhinoplasty, the only thing you have to do is to fix your appointment with Dr. George Mireas who is specialized in Rhinoplasty surgeries and worldwide accepted as an Expert in Diamond Piezo Rhinoplasty

Your consultation and 3D simulation of your surgery is going to take place at Exelixis MI,  our dedicated Medical Center and your surgery at Mediterraneo Hospital where Dr. Mireas holds the Directory of the Facial Plastic Surgery Department


Exelixis Medical Institute is a High-Tech modern Rhinoplasty – Facial Plastic Surgery Center in the heart of Athens, very close to Kallimarmaron stadium at Vas. Konstantinou 12, ave.

Globaly the most Advanced Technology for Rhinoplasty

At Exelixis MI we only use medical equipment of leading manufacturers worldwide:

  • 3D Imaging Systems: Canfield Scientic, New Jersey, USA
  • Endoscopy systems: Olympus Medical, Tokyo Japan & Karl Storz GmbH & Co, Germany

ENT Unit: Otopront, Hohenstein, Frankfurt, Germany

Rhinoplasty Surgery Expert George Mireas 06

  • Recording and processing endoscopy systems: Elgato/EyeTvSoftware (products exclusively for Apple computers)
  • Endoscopy Archiving: iMac Apple computer in video format

Rhinoplasty Surgery Expert George Mireas 05

Our 3D Imaging System is unique in Greece an can be used for:

  • 3D face imaging
  • 3D rhinoplasty simulation
  • 3D chin plastic surgery simulation
  • 3D profil-plasty simulation

Your appointment with your rhinoplasty Expert Dr. George Mireas

rhinoplasty athens -facial plastic- exelixis medical center

Your visit to us will last up to 1 hour, and may be extended in time as required depending on the case. Obtaining a detailed history is needed to clarify if you can have a surgery.

The secretariat of our center will ask you to fill out questionnaires about your rhinoplasty surgery or your overall condition.

In case of previous surgery in the area of interest , it will be useful to show us previous surgery documents as also from the preoperative and postoperative period (photos, videos, CT, MRI, ultrasound and other laboratory tests).

The consultation and 3D simulation of your rhinoplasty are performed exclusively by Dr. George Mireas

We are sure that after your visit, you will get answers about your problem. Leaving our center, you will get a pack with information about your condition, the proposed surgery and the preoperative preparation and postoperative period.


Mediterraneo Hospital in the Athens Glyfada area, offers only the highest standard of care, providing medical tourists with world class services.

Mediterraneo Hospital Athens Greece - Rhinoplasty 07

The ISO 5001 Certified Hospital

Mediterraneo Hospital is the first facility in Greece to receive the BS EN 15224 quality certification by an accredited body. BS EN 15224 is the new European standard for quality in Healthcare. Mediterraneo also holds an ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 22000 and ISO 50001 quality certifications.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Expert George Mireas 09

The Boutique Hospital of Athens

What characterizes and differentiates Mediterraneo is the pioneering conception and implementation of the “boutique” approach in a hospital environment.

This initially translates into an elegant building, with discreet luxury and personal style. The decorative details aim to create an atmosphere of intimacy, tranquility and safety.

The bright and cheerful colors, the inspired paintings depicting Mediterranean landscapes and relaxing music create to our visitors the feeling of staying in a hotel; very different from the impersonal and sterile atmosphere of a typical hospital.

Mediterraneo Hospital Athens Greece - Rhinoplasty 02

Mediterraneo Hospital Athens Greece - Rhinoplasty 05

Mediterraneo Hospital Athens Greece - Rhinoplasty 04

Mediterraneo Hospital Athens Greece - Rhinoplasty 10

The story of a rhinoplasty

Small talk before the operation

Rhinoplasty Surgery Expert George Mireas 04

The surgery

Rhinoplasty Surgery Expert George Mireas 03

Rhinoplasty Surgery Expert George Mireas 02

Rhinoplasty Surgery Expert George Mireas 01

One week after the Operation – External Splint Removal

Rhinoplasty Surgery Expert George Mireas 08

Rhinoplasty Surgery Expert George Mireas 07

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Please contact our call center at  (+30) 210–7526900.

Email us at: info@exelixismedical.gr or georgios.ent@gmail.com

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