Nose Job : Beauty & functionality

Nose job or aesthetic and functional plastic surgery of the nose is one of the most popular surgeries worldwide.
Main factors to have in mind to get to fix the shape, as also the function of the nose must be the sex, the age and of course the personality of the patient.

The outcome of a nose job has to be a beautifully shaped nose which allows normal expressions and movements of the face while the patient is speaking, and at the same time help the nose to function properly and improve the nose breathing.

The surgery

The surgery consists of two distinct but also interrelated parts

During the functional part of a nose job all the necessary work inside the nose is made in order to achieve the best breathing result and support effectively all nose skeleton as also take the necessary grafts which we will afterwards use.

During the aesthetic part of a nose job we intervene in the outer side of the nose in order to modify the shape, size and proportions so as to ensure a beautiful nose which will fit to the specific face.

Surgical steps

Due to the particularity of the surgery, every patient is treated like a unique case, and we use different techniques depending the case .

Some general rules though are:

  1. 1 to 3 tiny incisions are made in the interior of the nostrils
  2. Nasal hump removal
  3. Nasal septum straightening
  4. Acquisition of the necessary grafts from the septum
  5. We enhance the lower part of the nose, the tip of the nose
  6. All the lower part of the nose is reshaping(thinning, lifting, flattening)
  7. We shorten some or all of the dimensions of the nose if needed, or enhance them using grafts
  8. We reinforce the lower cartilages in case of collapse when breathing
  9. We increase the amplitude of the nasal valve in case we have a very narrow nose causing breathing difficulties
  10. We take the necessary grafts of the following areas: nasal septum, other nose cartilages, ear, chest ribs
  11. We reduce the size of the nostrils if necessary
  12. We close internal incisions with absorbable sutures and in an open rhinoplasty we place three small sutures to close the incision (6.0 nylon)
  13. We place inside the nose a very light packling for 1 day or no packing at all
  14. We place on the back of the nose a discreet thermoplastic splint for 6 days


Local anesthesia combined with general anesthesia is the best option

If there is contraindications for granting general anesthesia we can proceed with granting sedation or only by local anesthesia

The duration of nose job surgery

Depending on the case the duration might vary from 1 to 1.5 hour to 4 hours, even in case of a very demanding revision

Exit from the clinic

The patient may leave the clinic same day in the afternoon. Six hours after the surgery the body eliminates the necessary percentage of anesthesia drugs,so the patient is ready to go home

Result of surgery

The result of the nose job is Permanent.
In cases of post-op nasal breathing problems or nose deformities you should contact a qualified rhinoplasty surgeon to perform properly the revision surgery

A successful nose job

The success of a rhinoplasty depends on the selection of an experienced nose job surgeon, who in cooperation with the patient will give him the appropriate nose for his face. It is commonly accepted that rhinoplasty may be the most attractive and popular among all cosmetic procedures, but it is in the same time the most difficult and complicated plastic surgery of all.

nosejob: photo of a man after nose surgery

Every surgical rhinoplasty must keen the perfect aesthetic and functional result. After a correct rhinoplasty your nose will be beautiful and at the same time will breath properly.

rhinoplasty : woman profile after nose surgery

The swelling of the nose area is usually very limited and in about two weeks is reduced almost completely ,the 80% of your rhinoplasty result is clearly perceived.

rhinoplasty : man after nose surgery

After a rhinoplasty the pain is minimal. The same happens with the removal of the packing which is particularly lightweight and its removal is painless.

After rhinoplasty

Some simple instructions to be followed after a rhinoplasty surgery:

nose job: Postoperative instructions

  • The patient leaves the clinic same day in the evening or next morning
  • The day after light packing is removed
  • The patient must wash the inside of the nose and use nasal ointment, one month three times a day
  • A week after surgery the small splint is removed
  • No need for painkillers
  • Precautionary antibiotics are given for 4 days

The internal sutures don’t need to be removed, as they will be absorbed. In the case of an open access three very fine sutures are removed at the same time with the spling removal.

The swelling at the nose area is usually very limited. In two weeks it has vanished, and an 80% of the result is perceived. In about three months almost all of the result can be seen. The final result, the stabilization and strengthening of the nasal skeleton is perceived in about a year from the surgery.

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