Rhinoplasty : Patients out of Athens – Medical Tourism

In Exelixis Medical Institute we receive every year many patients from all over Greece, Cyprus or foreign countries. Rhinoplasty Medical tourism is our specialty as many of our patients have been recommended by their surgeons to take the 3D simulation with Vectra 3D and proceed to their rhinoplasty in our center, with great results.

Rhinonplasty medical tourism in Greece- Athens

We make it easier

In order to facilitate our patients and save them money and time, communicating with them and in collaboration with our patients, we combine the clinical examination’s visit with the operation and arrange it in a very short time.

Rhinoplasty & Medical Tourism

There are patients that combine travel with their operation in Athens. Maybe they are going to spend a few days in our beautiful town, or stop between their destinations, so they are having their rhinoplasty and they continue their vacations, as there is no need to stay to the clinic for a long time.

On line rhinoplasty preparation

  • Call us, e-mail us, or write to us about your problem
  • Fill in the necessary questionnaires, and send them back to us by e- mail, post or fax
  • Send us your photos by e-mail or post. Upload them to the special form in our site
  • After our initial estimation, we may ask you some supplementary information in order to have an overall image of your case and give you the most accurate answer.
  • We are sending to you everything you need to know about your rhinoplasty and postoperative instructions and ask you to undersign whatever maybe needs your consent.
  • We set the desirable date and hour of the operation, our secretarial office in collaboration with the surgeon will let you know all the details of your rhinoplasty and your clinic examination before that.


The day before the rhinoplasty you have to be in Athens, a city with plenty accommodation options

To facilitate you we have chosen some interesting selected hotels in various locations of the city, with useful contact information, as shown below

Same day of the operation we recommend you to stay in the clinic

The day after your rhinoplasty and after meeting your surgeon, you can return to your home city.Where there is a particular reason in rare situations, your doctor will ask you to stay in Athens for a week the most, so your plan should be modified accordingly.

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