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Patient’s Reviews about their Nose plastic Surgery in Exelixis MI

Pain frightens me a lot. Every time I was thinking to have a rhinoplasty, my fear of pain discouraged me and made me change my mind. I found Exelixis Medical Institute site in the net.

I read that one of the most common questions that make patients who are going to have a rhinoplasty is about pain after surgery.

The doctor who wrote the article pointed out that the pain is a myth. I have read other questions and answers too, and they seemed to me very serious and detailed. So I decided to fix an appointment. When I visited the center , my doctor spent a lot of time explaining to me in detail the surgery and assured me that it will not hurt at all. So it happened. Now every time someone asks me I answer that definately rhinoplasty is not painful at all. Pain is a myth.”

Mary S., 32

My nose was not actually so bad. I just wanted to have a rhinoplasty to get Brad Pitt’s nose. You may find it funny, but I was thinking that this shape of nose would help me become more charming to women. A friend who have had a rhinoplasty in Exelixis MI said that I could put to my face Brad Pitt’s nose with the 3D simulation system, and I was really excited.

In fact I gave to the doctor photographs to show him exactly what I mean. My doctor fortunately not tricked me. He explained that it is very common among people to want the nose of a famous person. He showed me on the display how would i be with this nose and explained to me why all the shapes of noses do not fit to anyone.
After long discussions we concluded that I could fix my nose and look even better than I have imagined. I had a rhinoplasty , and I really feel perfect, even if don’t have the nose of Brant Pit at the end.

Konstantinos, 25

Since I remember myself everybody was making fun of me”Falcon,” was my nickname and I have lost my sleep. At the age of 15 I decided to have a plastic surgery on my nose to stop people mocking me. My mother accompanied me to Exelixis MI. Doctors advised us to wait about a year so my development will be completed and I can proceed to a rhinoplasty safely. I saw the result in three-dimensional simulation system and was counting the days until my rhinoplasty. Today my nose is just perfect and nobody teases me. Thank you so much Exelixis Medical Institute !

Eve, 17

When i saw the amazing results in the nose of a friend, who faced a similar problem with mine, I took the big decision to fix my nose. I had an aquiline nose and somewhat large. Until then a plastic nose surgery was frightening me. I booked my appointment with Mr. Mireas and I was thrilled when I saw my face in three-dimensional display and understood how I will become after my rhinoplasty. Thanks to my doctor my new nose fits perfect on my face and flatters me a lot.

Margaret T., 27

I had an accident with my motorcycle. After that my nose and entire my face weren’t recognizable. In Exelixis Medical Institute showed to me the interest I needed, supported me psychologically from the first moment. Thank you all for the excellent results of operations chin and my nose!

Chris K., 36

After gaining weight I had difficulty in breathing and felt severe fatigue. My wife complained that I was snoring loudly and sometimes she was afraid that I stopped breathing in my sleep. I am a smoker and I thought that the cigarette was only to blame. Of course smoking burdened my body, but after I visited Exelixis Medical Institute the surgeon found that I had a problem with the septum of my nose. He explained to me in detail everything about the surgery I had to do, and my postoperative condition. The very next day of the surgery I was already breathing much better and also losing some weight helped me stop feeling tired all the time . I was really happy with my surgeon treatment before and after surgery.

Dimitris Ch., 46

I heard about Exelixis Medical Institute looking for a qualified surgeon to do Rhinoplasty reoperation. My first rhinoplasty failed and my nose was worse than before. I decided to have a second rhinoplasty but I definitely wanted to be sure in advance for the result. When I learned that the Exelixis MI had VECTRA 3D Imaging, a technology that would allow me to see my nose in three dimensions, and make the needed corrections in collaboration with my surgeon, i decided to fix an appointment. The experience was overwhelming, and the outcome after reoperation more than satisfactory. The doctor answered all my questions before surgery and prepared me properly for what would follow.

Panagiotis D., 33

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