After rhinoplasty : Postoperative instructions

What happens after my rhinoplasty surgery ?  Which are the instructions i must follow?

  • Immediate mobilization after surgery.
  • The day after internal packing is removed.
  • Cleaning of the inner nose with normal saline and nasal ointment application are recommended, three times daily for a month.
  • One week after surgery the small splint is removed from the nose.
  • No need for painkillers.
  • Precautionary are given antibiotics for 4 days.
  • The internal sutures will not be removed as they will be absorbed, and in case of an open access three very fine sutures are removed along with the removal of the splint.
  • The swelling in the nose area is usually very limited and in about two weeks will disappear almost completely and about 80% of the final result is obvious .
  • In about three months almost all of the outcome is there, while the stabilization and strengthening of the nasal bones and the full effect is obvious in about a year.

When do I leave clinic?

Six hours after rhinoplasty you can go home, or next day in the morning if combined with other operation

How long does the swelling lasts?

Swelling in the area of the nose is not remarkable and almost disappears in about two weeks

When will I finally see the outcome?

Just a week after the surgery and the removal of the splint the difference of the nose is obvious, a week later 80% of the result is perceived, while almost in three months we can see the final outcome

After a year the nose is stable, strong and the result permanent.

What about the function of my nose?

The very next day of your rhinoplasty you will be able to breathe normally, after the removal of the internal packing.

When will I have to visit my doctor again?

The day after the surgery your surgeon will remove the capping, a week later he will remove also the splint.

Recovering after rhinoplasty

It is very important to follow your surgeon’s instructions.

Your surgeon will also provide detailed instructions about the symptoms that you will normally have and any possible complications.

It is important to realize that time for recovery varies among individuals.

You have to wait a couple of weeks before you can participate in exercise or athletics, and be careful not to injure in any way your nose.

For about a trimester you should avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or strong cold.

Better limit consumption of alcohol and smoking for a little time, and avoid wearing glasses for about a month.

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