Frequently Asked Questions about Rhinoplasty

Our specialized ENT – Facial Plastic surgeon answers to our patient’s frequently asked questions about rhinoplasty procedure.

rhinoplasty in greece faq

Does rhinoplasty hurts?

No rhinoplasty is painless if the correct technique is applied during surgery, postoperative pain for the patient is negligible. Removing the internal packing is completely painless too.
Postoperative pain for the patient is negligible

In order to help the patient understand that rhinoplasty is not something to be afraid of we give the example of tonsillectomy.

In tonsillectomy it’s impossible to ensure the absence of pain as the surgery hurt sensitive areas and for this very reason we give postoperative pain killers.

In rhinoplasty a correct surgical plan goes through non-sensitive areas, so we don’t even give postoperative painkillers.

What’s the ideal age for a nose plastic surgery?

Once the development of the human body is completed, you can have safely your rhinoplasty.

This means usually the 16 years for girls and 18 years for the boys(except some special cases, such as cases of cleft lip, where the surgery is performed earlier).

Does the sex matters?

Absolutely. Your new nose must blend gently with your face, increasing femininity in women and giving men a charming appeal.

What is a 3D simulation of my Rhinoplasty ?

In our center you have the opportunity to see the exact result of your rhinoplasty before the procedure. Learn everything about 3D simulation in Exelixis Medical Institute.

For how long does the swelling of the face lasts?

When a very small intervention is performed, there may be almost no swelling. If a larger operation is needed, there is a very small swelling and bruising to the nose area which in about two weeks vanishes.

When will I see the final outcome of the surgery?

By removing the splint (a week after) the difference in the shape of the nose is immediately noticeable. Just a week later the swelling is reduced and we have already the 80% of the result, and in about 3 months we have almost the entire result. About a year after, the nose is strong, durable, and the result is permanent.

What about breathing function after the surgery?

Normal breathing is restored the very next day after the painless removal of the packing. Normal functionality of the nose is permanent.

When can I leave the clinic?

Same day, or next day in the morning.

Do I need to visit the surgeon after the re operation?

The day after the rhinoplasty, the surgeon will remove the capping -if there is any. A week later, he will remove the splint.

How Much does a rhinoplasty cost ?

The cost of a rhinoplasty depends on several factors. Learn everything about the exact price of rhinoplasty in our center.

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